Computer Science and Engineering

R-LAIR: Riverside Lab for Artificial Intelligence Research


Faculty: Christian Shelton
Graduate Students: Sepideh Azarnoosh
 Busra Celikkaya
 Dave Gomboc
 Kazi Islam
 Mike Izbicki
 Zhen Qin
 Matthew Zarachoff
Undergrad Students:
Alumni: Juan Casse (PhD, 2014)
 Yu Fan (PhD, 2009)
 Kevin Horan (PhD, 2011)
 Kin Fai Kan (PhD, 2008)
 Antony Lam (PhD, 2010)
 Guobiao Mei (PhD, 2008)
 Jing Xu (PhD, 2010)
 Teddy Yap, Jr. (PhD, 2009)
 Wesley Huie (MS, 2005)
 Jeff Price (MS, 2011)
 Suraj Narayana (MS, 2014)
 Zack Benavides (BS, 2012)
 Alex Eisner (BS, 2010)
 William Lam (BS, 2010)
 Joon Lee (BS, 2010)
 Khanh Nguyen (BS, 2014)

If you are a current or former member and would like your information updated, please e-mail Christian Shelton.

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University of California, Riverside
Chung Hall, room 368
Riverside, CA 92521


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